Year end Blog Entry

Year end Blog Entry

A great way to end the year is to summarize all of what made up the entire year. It is also a great way to start a year when we try to look back and see what we have accomplished, and more importantly, focus more on what we can do more this 2016.

2015 was definitely the year of the Korean wave. We have seen a lot of Korean restaurants opened, offering not just the famous Korean fried chicken but we have seen cafes with bingsu, similar to our local favourite, ice kachang. For 2016, for sure foodies from across the globe will definitely draw their attention here in Singapore because of the Michelin guide rating. For the bar industry, we have seen an increased in cocktail bars, and we believe, this year there will be more, because we learned that Michelin can also rate bars for their cocktails. So, let me share with you, highlights of our 2015, and hope to do more this year!

Our Hotfill (shelf stable juices which can last for up to 6 months) has had a “makeover” and we have come up with this classy wood packaging.


Market Visit


We had been doing market visits before, but this year; we decided to add more days so we can really see the trends, visit our customers, upcoming restaurants and bars and learn a lot more.


1883 Yuzu Syrup  (January)

Finally! Yuzu Syrup! It has been a year since we launched this new flavour.


Redmart (February)

Our products are finally on Redmart, one of Singapore’s online supermarket.



3rd Ripe AFj Drinks Workshop (March)

3rd workshop

We organized workshops too! So we can help our customers, to train their staff with basic knowledge in bartending.


Vietnam Exhibition (April)


April of last year also, we also went to Vietnam for an exhibition to introduce our hotfill juices as well.

1883 Orchid Syrup (August)


In line with SG50, 1883 have especially created this 1883 Orchid flavour syrup for Singapore.

4th Ripe AFJ Drinks workshop (September)

4th workshop (2)

4th workshop (1)

I joined the team last July 2015, so we quickly plan and arranged this workshop, so I can meet some of our customers and share them my knowledge. There will be more this year!

Germany Exhibition (October)

Our team also went to Germany for the Anuga Exhibition. We are continuously exploring countries where we can introduce our shelf stable juices, our hotfills.


Myanmar Exhibition (November)

Myanmar (1)

Last November, We went to Myanmar and attended the MyanFood to introduce our Hotfill juices for export.


Ripe AFJ Blog (November)

Last year, we also created this blog, so further reach out to our customers and share latest updates from new products, recipes, new openings, anniversaries of different outlets and a lot more.

Jamaica Sunshine - RIPE

1883 Sauces (December)

We also introduced our 1883 Sauces last year which has 4 flavours (Chocolate, Chocolate – hazelnut, Strawberry and Caramel) perfect for beverages, desserts and a lot more. It comes in a easy to squeezed 500ml bottles and 2 litre bottles.

1883 sauces

Till next post!

Jamaica Sunshine


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