World Whiskey Day

World Whiskey Day

May 3 is World Whiskey Day! and since it’s the day of the amber – to – golden goodness that we all learn to love, we won’t be talking much about it nor talk about all things related to whiskey, but instead, since it’s already the peak of popularity of cocktails, we decided to compile variations to the classic whiskey cocktail – the whiskey sour, using different ingredients:


1883 Ginger

Arguably one of the best cocktails ever created, the question is, how do bring it to the next level? Since Whiskey sour is about the balance of sweet, sour and a touch of savoury, adding a touch of 1883 Ginger, can add another taste dimension to the cocktail, a touch of spice from the ginger, perhaps a touch of plum as well, will definitely enhance the cocktail.


1883 Red Pepper

Might be too overpowering if you add the real peppers, subtle hints of spice coming from 1883 Red Pepper, is just about the right level of spice that you are looking for, adding a little bit of kick to your cocktail and it intensifies the overall flavour of the drink.

1883 Cinnamon Syrup

It’s not festive yet, but because of the taste profile of Whiskey, as the base spirit of whiskey sour, 1883 Cinnamon will definitely compliment the cocktail. and it works with Bourbon sour as well!


1883 Maple Syrup

1883 Maple syrup, thyme, lemon juice, egg whites, whiskey; the perfect combination for that modern whiskey sour.Thyme, to add to that herbaceous taste to it and 1883 Maple syrup, for that faint, woody, oaky, caramelized sweetness.



Ripe Pineapple Puree, Ripe Blueberry Puree, and Ripe Peach Puree

With Ripe wide range of premium fruit puree, our top recommendations for whiskey sour are the following:

Ripe Pineapple Puree – simple yet refreshing modern take for the classic whiskey sour, you can add some mint as well.

Ripe Blueberry Puree – fruity and tart flavor of blueberries mellows the flavor of the whiskey itself and creates a fruitier sour.

Ripe Peach Puree – as we all know, whiskey and peach, goes well with each other, especially if paired with smokey whiskey. Apricot works well too!


Ripe Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

If done the right way, whiskey sour with grapefruit juice is a nice switch from the classic recipe. Whiskey sour with a summer twist is the way to go. and the added bite from the grapefruit juice, the perfect combination of freshness and bitterness.



Ripe Superfruit Pomegranate Juice

Also called as POM whiskey sour, tart-sweet combination is a tested recipe. So if you are looking for that autumn themed cocktail. this is your cocktail to go.


Ripe Superfruit Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice with a touch of cinnamon for that vibrant taste of whiskey sour and gorgeously hued cocktail. Another festive cocktail idea.


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