What’s in store for 2016

What’s in store for 2016

We are soooo ready for 2016! But first, we would like to thank our valued customers for the unwavering support! (1000 Likes on Facebook! We are almost there!) The first week of January just went like a breeze. But, 2015 has indeed been a wonderful year to jumpstart a lot of programs for our brand, such as new products, the addition of our 1883 Sauce, and it’s not just programs and products, we also have a new member of our team, Mr. Immanuel Kay who will take the role as our Distribution Manager and help us further penetrate the market with his vast experience in the industry.

Every year, each one of us take a personal challenge to learn new things, to gain more experience or to meet new people, as for our brand, Ripe AFJ, we are looking forward for more challenges, a whole new perspective and more opportunities. (***ACCEPTED!***)


Expectations for 2016

We came across certain articles on the net and they have predicted that 2016 will be the year of chicken, (we thought 2015 was also year of the chicken #morechicken) more themed cafes, more themed cocktail bars and this year also will be a hit for gourmet food deliveries. On top of that, there will be more food and beverage establishment who will offer de-toxing kind of offering that will for sure be a hit especially for those who are in wellness. We saw the rise of cafes which offers cold pressed juices, and more consumers have really liked it, hence, like a superfood to go and it was totally the biggest trend last year.

FHA 2016

FHA 2014 043

Once again, we are proud to be part of Asia’s most established trade exhibit, Food and Hotel Asia, which started in 1978 and happens every 2 years.  It will be on 12 – 15 April at the Singapore Expo. There will be an estimated 46,000 trade visitors from over 90 regions/countries.  Apart from the main exhibition, there will be cocktail competitions, barista competitions and cooking demonstration as well.


Product Development

As  we continue to develop new products or further enhance our existing products, we make sure we meet the demands of the market , and we always believe that there will always be room for improvement, who knows, perhaps this year, we might have hotfill purees, or a new flavour of juice it could be mangosteen, longan or even starfruit, anything is possible with the right timing, planning execution and team work.


Ripe AFJ Boot Camp

This year, since we have done workshops, we thought of creating a Ripe AFJ bootcamp, which will be totally different from our previous workshops.  It will be more lively, participants can really showcase their skills, there will be a lot of idea-sharing, roleplaying and a lot more.  We are planning it by March, hopefully, you can join us! #ASKJAM


Technology Trends and Use of Technology

Making full use of technology in terms of business is sure a good thing, but how well you use technology is another story.  Everything now is just a click away, and we even saw 3D printing last year, and the good thing is, consumers can really afford it. As for our brand, there are lots and lots of ideas we are looking into, whether to have an app so customers have the ease of ordering, or an app to quickly access our database of customers, the possibilities are endless.

Till next post!

Jamaica Sunshine

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