Trends of 2017

2016 was definitely a year of natural, fresh and organic. It will probably continue this year as people are becoming more and more wary of their lifestyle, and people are looking more for natural and less processed. We’ve seen the rise of poke bowls in restaurants. It was also the year of big Asian flavours such as turmeric, lemongrass and everything that is exotic and intriguing. Coconut had its fair share as well. On the sweeter side, it was the korean wave still, with korean desserts popping everywhere. Not to mention matcha and salted egg flavour on everything. The thing about flavour trends, they evolve overtime that makes it even more exciting and interesting. So, what are we expecting this year?¬†Here are some of the trend predictions for 2017:


1.Red Algae – bacon tasting seaweed. Enough said.

2.Protein substitutes – Jackfruit will be one of the meat subtitute for this year, considering its meat-like texture.

3.Buddha bowls – although poke will still be around, buddha bowls will be a hit this year. Heaping amounts of greens, herbs, nuts, dressing, served with brown rice or quinoa.

4.Cold brew coffee – will still reign, as people are crazy about coffee.

5.Goji Berries – also known as wolfberries, very prominent in chinese cuisine, expect more of it this year.

6.Black bean pasta – high in protein and fiber, and is a very good alternative to spaghetti, for health savvy individuals.

7. Sour/Fruit beer – as craft beer becomes more and more popular and people are more experimental in beverages,

8. Healthier Snack – taro chips, zuchini chips or anything involved healthy snacking.


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