Singapore Cocktail Week12 – 19 March 2016


(Photo Credit: SG cocktail week FB Page)

Remember last years’ week long event? It’s here again! For diehard cocktail fanatics, mark your calendar as we celebrate Singapore Cocktail Week, on it’s 2nd year, so it means twice the fun, twice the craziness, and we know that it’s going to be #supershiok.

There are a lot of activities lined up for this annual event, so brace yourselves, guys, we know for sure there will be tons of exciting things so look out for especially all the workshops, trainings, competitions,… so we are learning and having fun at the same time, how cool is that?

If you can remember last years’ cocktail week, what we loved the most were the celebrity bartenders who came from different countries just to participate in this event #fortheloveofmixology. And not only that, the pop up events and most especially, cocktails priced at $14!!! #crazy. We should also be grateful for all the people behind this event, and for sure while most of us will be doing our bar crawl,most of them will be working so we could have a great time so #shoutout to all the wonderful people behind this event. #muchlove

But don’t get too excited, not just yet! We still have a month to go! So let’s reminisce last years’ SG Cocktail week with some of the highlights below (Photo Credit: SG Cocktail Week FB Page)


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