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We’ve seen the popularity of juices back in 2014-2015 #juicerevolution, where it was kind of #hip to have those such as cold pressed, detox juices, juices with vegetables in it #moreveggies and many more. Consumers have really adapted to this kind of lifestyle when everything seems to get busier each day. While others stick to raw and fresh ingredients, some people don’t have time for it and the fact that ingredients are costly and trickier to prepare especially vegetables, people will still opt for convenience #easy2drink, affordability and of course, quality. When it comes to quality, Australian Fruit Juice sees to it that the products we provide for the market doesn’t just meet the demands but also we continue to provide more variety for them #morechoices, especially for consumers who are more conscious and value wellness. Made from 100% fruit juice, rich in antioxidants, sugar reduction and just simply #delish, our Ripe Superfruit juices.

Our Superfruit comes in 6 flavors: Blueberry, Carrot, Cloudy Apple, Cranberry, Red Grape and Pomegranate and comes in 1 Liter and 250ml packaging.

Superfruit Blueberry


Among all the flavours, this is one of our best sellers and my personal favourite. I do believe there are only a few in the market and we are very proud that we have this flavour in our range. I do  mix it with cocktails to such as Blueberry Cheesecake Martini, for a light version, but for thicker consistency of your cocktail, you can go for out Ripe Blueberry puree. For recipe don’t forget to #ASKJAM. Although orange juice is simply the must have juice for breakfast, why not go for Superfruit Bluberry juice instead.


Superfruit Cloudy Apple


Made from luscious green apples, except a clean, crisp taste for this one, our Ripe Superfruit Cloudy Apple. Pair it with either breakfast, lunch or any snack, this has been a favourite too among other flavours. For my Apple pie martini, tried and tested, I used Superfruit Cloudy apple juice, but not just for cocktail, you can also use for mocktails and it’s more convenient since we know apples oxidizes when it touches metal #choices.

Superfruit Carrot


Bright orange in color, slight sweet, nutty, a bit tangy in the palate, that’s how we best describe our Superfruit Carrot. And just like everybody else say, if you don’t take carrots in veggie for, you can always opt for juices. I did a few mocktails using this flavor too and our 1883 Ginger, 1883 Yuzu, 1883 Green Apple are best pair with this if you are going to make mocktails with it.


Superfruit Cranberry


Cranberry juice is one of the juice which suits everyone because of its slight tangy flavor, not too overly sweet characteristic and simply suit the Singapore weather. If you want your Cosmopolitan to up a notch, go for our Superfruit Cranberry and see the difference or should we say see the #AFJ Difference.

Superfruit Red Grape


Why we have chosen red grapes over green grapes? Simply because red grapes contain more antioxidants than green grapes, (or sometimes called white grapes). And also, in general, red grapes are more nutritious than green grapes.

Superfruit Pomegranate


If you have seen our first AFJ cocktail video for our Valentines mocktail, this is one of the ingredients. Pomegranate, being a tricky fruit to prepare, not to mention its availability, our Superfruit Pomegranate has a very subtle, refreshing taste, nice to prepare with cocktails and mocktails but also good on its own.

Our next post, we will take a break from our Ripe AFJ Products and cover glassware trends so watch out for it!

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