Ripe Drinks Calendar 2017


Ripe Drinks Calendar 2017

2016 was such a fun and exciting year for us when we did a lot of workshops and events. In addition to that, we will kick start the new year with a whole new calendar, featuring different drinks holidays. Drinks holidays such as national margarita day, national cappuccino day and a whole lot more. With these. we will get to share more trivias, recipes, trends and giveaways. (watch out for that!)

So for the whole year, we will go all out for the drink holidays, and some of your favorite chill out places might be doing the same as well, so you know what kind of drinks they might feature in the coming months. For now, let’s look at what’s in store for us for January and February 2017

For January, we will be featuring these:

Flavour Trends 2017

Feel Great Week (January 3 – 10) – We will feature our Gac and Acerola, our 2 new Superfruit juices

National English Toffee Day (January 8) – Yes, there is a day for this, we will share recipes, and what goes well with it.

National Grapefruit Month – Grapefruit, that sweet-tart to very sour juice, perfect for weight loss.

National Apricot Day (January 9) – Not a very popular fruit, we will share cocktails and mocktails featuring this fruit.

National Popcorn Day (Janaury 19) – Liquid Popcorn flavour, yes?

National Hot Tea Month – Expect some tea recommendations and tea cocktails which are very popular nowadays

National Coffee Break Day (January 20) – Watch our for our Biadgi coffee smoothies


For February, these are what’s in store:

Food and Beverage Fair 2017

National Kahlua Day (February 27) – classic coffee liqueur, and ways how to recreate it.

National Almond Day (February 16) – We would share some trivia about almond

National Pancakes Week (February 21-27) – Either breakfast or a late afternoon snack, who doesn’t love them? and also feature some of the place which serve the best pancakes

National Chili Day (February 23) – Our 1883 Red Pepper, which has a subtle taste of spice, perfect for drinks

National Strawberry Day (February 27) – You can never go wrong with strawberry, and we will highlight ways to use our Ripe Strawberry Puree

National Chocolate Mint Day (February 19) – For chocolate lovers out there,

Beverage Trends 2017 – of course, we will post about what are the beverage trends for next year. Kombacha, anyone?

National Margarita Day (February 22) – Finally! a cocktail. We will feature places where to get the best margaritas, and we will creates Ripe Margaritas as well.


That’s just for January and February, so do watch out for our posts and giveaways!




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