Ripe AFJ Boot Camp – 8 MARCH 2016

We Hit 1000 LIKES!

Thank you so much indeed! But we are just getting started. Hopefully, 2000 likes after 3 months? Yes? Possible! It’s all because of your support that we keep searching for good topics, materials for our blog and Facebook. Our team maybe small but we can do it! Thank you very much once again and we do hope you can continue supporting us.

If you can recall our previous workshop,  for those who just followed us on this blog, welcome! For 2016, we wanted to bring our workshop to the next level, wherein, we wouldn’t do all the presentation, all the talking, but it will be a group effort, where everyone can just throw in their ideas, goals, plans and a lot more. We have decided to create this boot camp so that we can share ideas and more importantly make new friends.

Some of you might ask, how’s the flow going to be like for the boot camp? What do we need to do? What do we need to bring? Where do we start? Those are the questions I know some of you might ask, so we come up with this overview, so you can have a clearer picture of how’s the bootcamp going to be, and do let us know, if you have more ideas, if would be great to share it with us #ASKJAM

Introduction – as much as you wanted to know more about us, we also wanted to know more about you! Introductions are exciting, as you get to know everyone in the group and their background, goals, aspirations and a lot more stuff!

Re-shuffling – We are definitely going to do this because we fell that it’s best to explore more of your capabilities with other person rather than your own team. For us, it makes a person more imaginative, creative and confident working outside of his team because after all, we wanted to create that good impression of ourselves to others and represent our organization well, and just like what they say, If you have it, flaunt it!

Role-Playing– This is where we will let your imagination run wild! Imagine you run your own bar or restaurant, you get to do the concept, promotions, plans and a lot more! We will form groups and we will let you have enough time to do all the brainstorming. I actually got the idea when I joined the 2013 Class of John Whyte Club Elite Bartenders Course, where we have bar presentation, which is the same concept of our Ripe AFJ Bootcamp.

Execution – For this, we are going to provide you with our wide range of premium products from 1883 Gourmet Syrups, Ripe Purees and Juices, Superfruit, 1883 Sauces, Coralba and joining us is our sister company, Leisuretron, Pacific Beverage and Tree Lizard at Dempsey for the venue.

Closing – as much as we wanted this to be a 2 day event, we just couldn’t because we understand the operations of the participants, so even if it’s just one day of boot camp, for sure it’s going to be fun and informative. We would end it with high hopes of strengthening more of our relations with our supporter and we do hope to make another boot camp if this will be a success.

Till next post!

Jamaica Sunshine

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