Passionfruit Cocktails

When I started exploring into cocktails, I make it a point to alwaysadd an Asian touch into it. Fromginger, lemongrass, chilli and even tamarind, it’s just so fun and exciting to explore on exotic flavours, and mix it with the right spirits. But then passion fruit was not on my list, because sometimes it’s not available on the market, and the trouble when preparing it; cutting, scooping, or de-seeding, If I only needed the juice, and sometimes, you don’t get as much pulp or flesh into the fruit, and it’s just so frustrating. When I joined AFJ few months back, I didn’t realized they had Passionfruit juice and Passionfruit puree with seeds, so it was such a relief. Now I can really work into Pasionfruit cocktails knowing that we have this very convenient product, especially our Passionfruit puree with seeds, for those who are obsessed with Passionfruit garnishes, this is the perfect product for them.

When I am running out of ideas on what cocktails to do next, that’s the time I would turn into desserts. (believe me, works every single time) I would incorporate the ingredients of a certain dessert I have chosen and make it into a cocktail! Simple as that. I know, this is not a new trend anymore, we have pineapple upside-down martini,apple pie martini, and many more. (This lead me into another idea, why not do dessert cocktails series for our next workshop? What do you think? 🙂 ) #ASKJAM

But, for this entry, since let’s just focus on our Passionfruit puree, I’ll save the dessert series cocktails for later.

So, Let me share with you some of my Passionfruit cocktails, Let us know what you think about them!


Passion – Soursop


Found out that thelucky colors for 2016 are gold, blue and white, so I decided to come up with this Pre-Lunar New year mocktail which is a blend of Soursop Juice, Apple puree (Oh yes, we do have those products) 1883 Lychee Syrup (who doesn’t love lychee?) and a touch of our Freshly squeezed lemon to balance. I drop a bit of 1883 Blue Curacao to create that blue contrast. I drop also our Passionfruit Puree with seeds to create that “gold” effect, so I can achieve the 3 colors.

Passion-Soursop(another version)


Still on a Pre-Lunar New year thingy, but this time I blended Soursop juice, Apple puree and 1883 Blue Curacao to create that light blue effect (quite funky color) and added 1883 Lychee syrup. Passionfruit puree with seeds are added as a garnish, because I like the fact that it suspends, more like pearls in this cocktail.

Passionfruit – Ginger Tea


Ginger is not an easy ingredient to work with, when doing cocktails, because too much of it can be overwhelming. But with the right ratio for sweet and sour component, it definitely lifts a cocktail to a whole new dimension. I have combine our Passionfruit juice, with a touch of our 1883 Ginger Syrup, 1883 Yuzu (another new flavor we launch this year) and freshly brewed peppermint tea. I’ve tried it cold and hot, worked both ways, with a touch of spiced rum (one of my favourite spirits when making cocktails.

Jamaica Sunshine





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