It’s National Mocha Day!

When you can’t choose between chocolate and coffee, go for Mocha!

Did you know that when Mocha was created, it has nothing to do with chocolate and coffee? It was originally the coffee beans, which has hints of chocolate, which can be found in Yemen.

The mocha, that we have right now, is a variant of cafe latte, which the Americans called cafe mocha or mocaccino, which typically has espresso, milk and chocolate. Somehow, it was like re-creating the taste of the coffee beans, which originated in a town of Mocha in Yemen, being the coffee marketplace for almost 300 years.

Whether it’s iced, hot or iced – blended, it’s always good to indulge once in a while in this popular drink.

Find out more about our latest product, Biadgi Frappe powder which has Vanilla, Cafe latte, Caramel and Mocha.

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