Last week, we attended the Luxury Lifestyle Awards at Fairmont Singapore and we have been given this great opportunity to sponsor this event and witness all the awards being given to different categories of luxury brands across Asia. Participating countries such as Singapore, being the host for this year, as well as India, Thailand, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. These countries competed to different categories such as Luxury Hotel, Luxury Restaurant, Luxury Spa and Wellness Center to name a few.

Australian Fruit Juice were very proud to have sponsored this event and be able to show our brand, with so much pride and emphasis on what a home-grown brand can showcase to the rest of Asia. Restaurants and Hotels in Singapore have been nominated to some categories, and being nominated is already an achievement, just imagine how many hotels and restaurants are there in Singapore. We would like to extend our warmest commendations to our partners, the restaurants and hotels who have been supporting our brand over the years. Keep striving for what your brand truly believed in and show the rest of the world, not just Asia, what luxury is all about.

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For more information about the event, you may visit their official site and Facebook Page

These are the nominees and winner for Singapore

Luxury Restaurant

  • Jim Thomson
  • Joel Robuchon (Winner)
  • CE LA VI

Luxury Hotel

  • So Sofitel Singapore
  • Hotel Fort Canning
  • Park Royal on Pickering (winner)


Luxury Interior Design Company

  • Viterbo (winner)
  • Luxur
  • Designed Design Associates Pte. Ltd.
  • Paper + White

Luxury Jewelry Brand

  • Caratell (winner)
  • Simone Jewels
  • Lee Hwa Jewellery

Jamaica Sunshine



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