This sensational beverage where introduced by the Greeks many years back. It was a simple foamy drink with acombination of coffee, milk and ice cubes. Apparently, this drink enjoyed by the Greeks can be traced back as far as 50 years ago, and supposedly invented by accident.

Well, quite a  lot of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks we enjoy today where merely invented by accident such as Guinness, where Arthur Guinness himself, burnt the barley when he was roasting it and during those times, raw materials in beer making were expensive, so instead of throwing and wasting it, he found a way to make it work. And it’s not just stout, beer, brandy, champagne and many other alcoholic beverages where also invented by accident and not just beverages, food as well like popsicles, chocolate chips, and even slurpee! But we are not going to talk about that, if you want to know more or if you want to share some history of food and beverage made by accident, don’t forget to #ASKJAM and we would love to feature it here.

Let’s talk about frappe! Who doesn’t love a good old icy, smooth, creamy and ultra refreshing drink which can be consume all year round? That’s why we have added to our range frappes! And we wanted to delight your taste buds and make it more exciting this year by including frappes in our premium range of beverage products. So, it’s not just premium juices and puree, 1883 premium gourmet syrups and sauces, we make it more interesting and satisfying coffee lovers out there with our latest product: Biadgi

Made in USA, expect nothing but the best with this product, and not just the overall quality of it but the convenience of the preparation of the frappes which make it suitable for the food and beverage industry.Premium, easy to make, fast to make which make it a very competitive product to use.

We will have 4 frappe powder flavors:

  • Cafe Latte
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Mocha

Basically, all arecoffee ready, you just have toadd milk and ice. It can be prepare by either hot, iced or in frappe.

On the next post, we will feature
our recipes featuring Biadgi and our Ripe products on how you can incorporate them well. For more info about Biadgi, you may visit their website at

Till next post!

Jamaica Sunshine

Biadgi Vanilla latte Frappe Poster

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