Frappe Coffee Powder VS Regular Coffee

We have been discussing over the last 2 weeks about our latest product, Biadgi Frappe , and hence, I have been asked what difference does it make when you use our Biadgi frappe, instead of regular coffee, which comes either in capsules, or the fancy coffee machines we see today which has those premium coffee beans. A lot of times, That’s why I thought of doing this comparison, so people can clearly understand, and oftentimes, I would compare being a barista to that of a bartender.There are a lot of similarities, from preparation, quality control, products used, equipment etc,but most especially, how we influence our guests for whichever cocktail or latte we do for them and the relationship we build, is likewise important. Here are a few pointers why choose frappe powder, than regular coffee. If you’ve missed the first 2 blog entries for our Biadgi frappes, you can find it here #ASKJAM

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1. Texture

Biadgi frappesmooth, every single time you make them. Regardless of which milk you use,because they are made to be that way. Simple as that.

Regular Coffeenot much texture, compare to frappe powder and I have to say, baristas are proud of their coffee beans, just like we bartenders are proud of the whiskies, cognac, rum etc we have in our bars. Just imagine, using premium Arabica beans, and blending it into a frappe? I personally think it is such a waste. It is like the same as having a premium whisky, then you just make it into a cocktail, which is also a waste because you wanted to savour that premium whisky or coffee.

2. Quality and Consistency

Frappe Powder – Just like how I mentioned about the texture, frappe powder produce thesame results every single time you prepare them. It will produce the same frappe now matter how busy your preparation is.

Regular Coffee – Either the machine is not well kept, or the equipment used, it can have a lot of difference in the coffee being produced from the machine. So sometimes, coffee taste a bit weird, when pulled from the machines. and we haven’t even mentioned the flavours involve, so whether it is a caramel frappe or vanilla frappe, you may or may not produce the same results every now and then.

3. Convenience

Frappe Powder – with approximately 1minute preparation, it is definitely easy to prepare. Scoop, pour, blend and pour, that’s how simple it is. #effortless

Regular Coffee – from roasting the beans, grinding, brewing etc. There are a lot of steps involve to produce that fine cup of coffee. Lots of techniques are used by baristas to further enhance their cup of joe. Whether it’s drip method, or other methods, I still believe that if that coffee went thru all that process, I would say, the coffee deserves to be enjoyed warm and should not be made into a frappe.

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