FHA BOOTH INVITATION                1 more month to go!

Personally, I couldn’t contain my excitement, since this will be the first time that I will be part of FHA. All along, I was just a visitor, seeing new trends, looking at new products and meeting new people along the way. This time around, I will be part of it, whipping new cocktails and mocktails for visitors the whole day.

So, what to expect from our brand, for this years’  FHA? Basically, we will have 2 booths, 1 will be dedicated for our Ripe Australian Fruit juice Brand and 1 will be for 1883. Ripe booth will be more of the export, while 1883 will be the bars and barista side. I will be on the 1883 booth, and I am really excited to run the show with the rest of the 1883 team and Ripe AFJ team. We will focus on new flavours such as 1883 Chocolate Cookie, 1883 Apricot, 1883 Madeleine and the very exotic 1883 Red Pepper. We do have our previous post about it, you can check it out (insert link)

But, that’s not all, there are a lot ofexciting activities that will be happening from 12th – 15th April. We’ll share with you some of it, #sneakpeak

  • There will be 900 new exhibitors. You can imagine, from new products, equipment, you name it.
  • 10 New Group Pavilions. This year, Hungary, Morocco, Czech Republic will be participating, and a lot more!
  • Latte Art Duel. Aspiring baristas will compete for the Latte Art Challenge in terms of creation, performance and knowledge.
  • High Tea Challange. So, it’s not just the baristas who are competing, the chefs as well.
  • Masterclasses and Seminars. Don’t miss out on this. Expect the best of the best of trainors and facilitors for these masterclasses. It doesn’t happen very often, so grab the opportunity.
  • Debut of ProWine Asia 2016. Wine lovers will be delighted about this, because this year ProWine Asia will be happening alongside FHA. Wines which are upcoming, new wine trends, new styles will be seen and different countries will showcase their wines. There will be masterclasses too!
  • Tea and Coffee courses. Don’t skip on the coffee and tea! Very important too, there will be tea blending classes, we will see new coffee and tea product, we can do hands on coffee and tea blending and many more!

For more information, you may visit their website (

Hope to see you there!

Jamaica Sunshine

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