December… let’s see…

How do I even begin writing this post… it’s the time when too many parties are happening, too many events are upcoming… it’s just too many celebrations to mention… which is actually a good thing and I’m not complaining, not to mention thanksgiving  has just been over.  Although some of us don’t really celebrate thanksgiving, but I do believe more people are adapting to it… more importantly, the idea of it is to celebrate a blessed, bountiful year, which for me is what we should all be thankful for.

So, join me as we celebrate with our dearest supporters of our brand, this special occasion. To them, it’s more than just an anniversary. To them,  It’s the time to reflect on what matters the most; teamwork, and a happy environment not just for the guests but for the team members as well.

Molly Roffey’s – 331 New Bridge Road

1st Anniversary – 4 December 2015

(Credits to Molly Roffey’s FB Page for the Photos)

Molley Roffey's

Wavehouse – 36 Siloso Beach

6th Anniversary – 5 December 2015

(Credits to wavehouse’s FB Page for the Photos)


No5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar – 5 Emerald Hill Road

24th Anniversary – 9 December 2015

(Credits to No5 Emerald Hill’s FB Page for the Photos)


Jamaica Sunshine

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