The source of the world’s perfect water!


Our latest water comes from the Italian Alps from the village of San Damiano, a small, humble village snuggled high up in the breathtaking Italian Alps. At first glance there does not seem to be anything special about this little place. But San Damiano is the source of a crystalline secret: La Fonte Coralba, the source of the world’s perfect water.

The perfection of Coralba water is defined by its velvety taste: rare, exquisite, and refreshing. Coralba is not just for sustenance, it is to be savoured. Let its soft texture linger on the tongue. Close your eyes. Taste it with all senses. To keep the taste of Coralba as balanced as it has been throughout history, we strive to protect its unique flavour. We have designed the perfect bottle, using simple and minimalistic curves to preserve the water’s taste. What was once the secret of San Damiano, Coralba water is now available for the connoisseur seeking perfection in taste, and life.


The Perfect Water

From Italian Alps

Great Design