Whenever I came across
a new product or idea, I’m really excited to try or just want to get to it.  Be it new 1883 Syrup or a new Ripe AFJ product or a new product to explore,it’s always good to keep the ideas flowing. That’s why I have dedicated this post for ways to use our Ripe Purees not just for drinks but for a lot more things. We have alot of flavours to choose from but the we are focusing onflavours such as Soursop, Apple, Kiwi, Pineapple, Peach and Passionfruit. Plus of course the classic flavours. Know the full range of the Purees #ASKJAM. This ideas can be use in house parties, bars, restaurants, events etc. I know we can even do more, not just 8, but this are the top ideas we can do with our Ripe Purees. Let us know more ideas for our Ripe Purees and feel free to share!

  1. Flavoured Bellini for House Parties– Set up a nice Bellini station, with our purees such as pineapple, apple, kiwi, pink guava, soursop etc and some sparkling wine. Fun, cool, easy and great way to impress your friends. Just pour some sparkling wine and top it with Ripe purees. #DIYBELLINIBAR
  1. Granitas – is a semi frozen dessert, which can be prepared with or without alcohol. Simply combine our Ripe Purees, some water, alcohol if you prefer. Granitas are usually done by hand creating flakier, coarsier texture. Light, refreshing and perfect for the summer.
  1. Fruit Ice Cubes – take a regular ice cube tray, combine 2:1 ratio of water and puree, to avoid being too thick and freeze. You can make good combination of flavours also such as apple and peach, with added layering as well. Cool! These ice cubes can be a good garnish for a simple sparkling water. #INFUSEDSODAS
  1. Popsicles – of course, this list will not be complete without the popsicles. You can throw in some herbs as well such as mint, thyme, cilantro or the very classic Asian herb; Shiso.
  1. Panna cotta – why not? This Italian dessert is with cream and gelatine, so why no add in some puree? Strawberry, blueberry, Blackberry, raspberry or why not do a #BERRIESMEDLEY
  1. Italian Sodas– say goodbye to the boring Italian sodas, instead of only 1883 syrup and Sparkling water, you can add some purees for contrast of flavor and adds a bit of texture. Here are the combination from our recent post (insert link)
  1. Jellos – we don’t add cream this time, just water, gelatine and purees, to make Fruit jellos.
  1. Punchbowls – punchbowls are great this summer, so instead of just juices, you can also add purees to your punchbowls. It’s always nice to have a bit of texture when it comes to beverage, not just the taste but texture as well. Using our Purees doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shake the drinks, just make sure you combine and stir ingredients properly, some dilution with ice cubes and it will be incorporated evenly.

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