1883 syrups Upcoming flavours

1883 Upcoming Flavors

  Happy 3 Months, Ripe AFJ Blog! Looking Back at our recent posts, We are really thankful with the support for this blog and our Official Facebook Page. #thankyou

2015 was the year when we gave way for new products, services, solutions, new packaging and programs which made the year even more challenging and memorable. It was the year when we launched 1883 Orchid Syrup, to commemorate SG50 and the only 1883 Syrup which can be only source in Singapore.


Beautifully transparent, revealing the delicateness of a flower that embodies subtlety. A light fragrance that distils a wide floral array, iscrete, that ultimately exposes a well-defined flowery taste. Like the orchid, symbol of love, this 1883 syrup seduces with delicate grace before expressing its full-bodied intensity.


We have made “makeovers” for our packaging as well, gave them a fresher, crisp look, with our wooden themed packaging and giving that vibrant finished.

Ripe 250ml Full range

Ripe 1L Range
We have also launched our 250ml Ripe Superfruit range, and we are happy with the outcome and the feedback that we are receiving from our supporters. #ASKJAM


On top of those, we also started our services for our customers, providing them assistance in beverage menu for mocktails, personalized workshops, loyalty program. We created these program to better understand the market, our customers, and we believe that these programs have even raised the bar even higher and created the huge #AFJDifference

1883 Syrups

For these year, we will jumpstart the with even more interesting products not just our Australian Fruit Juice Premium Brands but also our partner in France, 1883 Syrups. For this year, these are the 4 flavors that will be release  in the Singapore Market.

  • 1883 Madeleine


Yes indeed. You read that right. This is the Classic French Sponge cake Madeleine,which comes in shell shaped forms , expect a huge sellout for this, so better secure your samples now with our respective sales representatives. Imagine sweet, but not just sweet,biscuity-cakey, creamy kind of sweet, so this is going to be a hit for cocktails and mocktails especially coffee and tea based beverages.

  • 1883 Apricot


1883 Apricot will also be release in the market. Now, we can make non-alcoholic Apricot Sours, Apricot Iced Teas, Apricot Shakes, smoothies and many more. This will be perfect combination with Ripe Mango Puree and Ripe Peach Puree. So if you are looking for changing your menu this 2nd Quarter of 2016, you may consider this product. Let us know! #ASKJAM

  • 1883 Red Pepper

red pepper 1883 syrup

If you are looking for the the more exotic flavor, apart from our 1883 Taste of Asia Range, we have included in our range 1883 Red Pepper syrup. This will be great more for cocktails, lesser on the mocktails, but, who knows, someone might be able to blend it well with mocktails, let us know #ASKJAM

  • 1883 Chocolate Cookie


Chocolate lovers, keep a lookout for this one, so instead our 1883 Chocolate Syrup and 1883 Chocolate sauce, you can also consider our 1883 Chocolate cookie syrup. This will be quite similar with the 1883 Madeleine, giving that cakey, biscuit flavor that some are looking for, which is also great when your are upselling it on your beverage menu. So watch our for the reviews for this new flavours that we will be posting soon.

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