1883 Syrups Savoury Range

1883 Syrups: Savoury Range


A touch of bitterness, slight sweetness, some spice, vegetal notes and that distinct savoury flavour, that’s what makes this Savoury range special and for those who are just starting in the cocktail game, these syrups are a bit challenging to pull off. You need to choose the right base spirits, the right juices, basically all the right components for it to work. We want to emphasize that although this syrups are for the pros, one should not be afraid to try to explore experiment with flavours, and who knows, one fine day, you might hit that perfect cocktail.


1883 Cucumber

Lime, mint, Gin are the most suitable components for this syrup. And also as it adds a cooling effect for the cocktails, it is very good for summer cocktails, for coolers, refreshers etc.

So if you are yearning for that refreshing summer drink, you can explore the flavours of 1883 Cucumber.



1883 Ginger

A tad bit of 1883 Ginger, can make a lot of difference in your drinks! It adds a bit of excitement into cocktails because of that pungent aroma and spicy flavour. It works well with most spirits as a base and citrusy fruits to balance the spice. We’ll give you some hint. Whiskey, apple, cinnamon, ginger, plum.



1883 Red Pepper

Sweet and a subtle hint of spice, 1883 Red pepper has the right amount of spice and it will not overpower your cocktail. Bring the heat on! Works well with any base syrups, with matching citrusy juices to balance. Perfect sipping cocktail in a warm afternoon.

1883 Chai

How do we even describe Chai? It’s like Pandora’s box, once you open, flavours will be bursting once it hit your tongue. Sublime spice, perfect for cocktails, mocktails, and especially hot beverages, try chai latte for a change! Works well with brown spirits to complement the nuttiness and earthiness of the syrups.

1883 Mojito

Mojito sans the alcohol. That’s the perfect way to describe it. If you’re looking for a mint infused syrup, this is the way to go. Hints of sweetness, lime and mint, for the to-go mojito and of course to add flavouring to your cocktails and mocktails. Pair it with white spirits, but brown spirits will go well too.


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