National Iced Tea Month for the month of June!

National Iced Tea Month for the month of June!


Iced tea, one of the easiest, simplest and yet refreshing non – alcoholic drink you will make, and is a delicious way to try and experiment with lot of flavours. Not just a summertime favourite, a drink suitable for all year round,but sometimes, it gets boring when you will find the standard flavours in a restaurant menu. So keep calm, sip on as we share iced tea tips that you will love and you can try making on your own.


Iced tea tips:

Try our 1883 new flavours if you want to break away from the typical lemon tea flavour.

1883 Mirabelle – Refershing cherry plum taste, has a nice cherry plum sharpness which is very good for iced teas. Pair with basil or mint leaves and you’re good to go.

1883 Apricot – perfect for white teas, such as floral and fruity teas. Very reminiscent to apricot jam, and has the right acidity.

1883 Orchid – a very good substitute for normal sugar syrup, 1883 Orchid can be use both for hot and cold beverages, for coffee and tea, adding that delicate perfumey notes that is very hard to replicate when it comes to drinks making.

1883 Popcorn – Combine with lemon and lime juice, light tea, apple juice and our 1883 Popcorn, you got yourself a very unique iced tea.

1883 Yuzu – If you are a fan of a more citrusy notes, we would suggest. 1883 Yuzu. The flavour of Yuzu is between mandarin, lemon, lime, grapefruit and a touch of honey, that’s why the complexity of it’s flavour really blends well with iced teas.

1883 Green Tea – this 1883 syrup alone, you can just combine it with water, add a dash a lemon and you’re good to go. Combine it with 1883 lemon, for the fusion of flavours too.

1883 Red Pepper – this gets very exciting because you can really experiment with more exotic flavours, if you are the adventurous type. Suggestions would be, black tea then pair it with 1883 Mango, or 1883 Ginger, or just make your own red pepper iced tea using black tea as a base.

1883 Tomato – Our recipe suggestion for this is black tea, 1883 Pomegranate syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. You have that refreshing Pomegranate – tomato iced tea that is, cool and easy to do, perfect anytime.



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